Business Development & Marketing Services

MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. All hard costs for marketing material such as brochures, product demo CD’s, direct mail, logo design, apparel design, trade show displays, travel and entertainment at shows, phones and fax lines along with general and administrative expenses associated with these tasks will be included along with other undetermined tasks.

    Internet Services

  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Analytics and Data dissemination
  • Online Advertising
  • Web Retail Stores
  • Web Directed Sales
  • Ebay Store
  • Promotion – Facebook, forums, youtube product videos, forum development and monitoring
  • Administration Services

  • Pro Staff Administration- All pro staff coordination, contract administration, compensation, and general services
  • Customer Service Center – All customer service associated with retail customers will be supported
  • Office front and space
  • Other Retail Sales
  • Retailer Education and Training
  • Big Box Retail Sales
  • Marketing Services

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Branding strategy and execution
  • Advertising – All advertising research and coordination. Television, print, radio, industry web sites, Internet etc.
  • Trade Shows – all aspects of the show such as site coordination, booth design, display designs, shipping, staffing and travel services
  • Apparel Storefront development and maintenance
  • Marketing Plan Updates
  • Graphics and Design

  • Apparel design
  • Current and Future Logo Design
  • Backyard and product demonstration videos
  • Media Services

  • Press Releases
  • Event attendance
  • Public Relations – All public relation calls, emails etc.

Product Development Services

INDUSTRIAL, MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL DESIGN With the inception of a new idea comes the need to accurately form the look and feel of the product. At Front Deck Marketing we blend the skills of our creative designs with the functionality of the technology used to produce the product in the most efficient means possible. Our Design services include:

  • Concept Development and Ideation
  • Product Styling and Planning
  • Photo-Realistic Renderings and Animations
  • 2D and 3D Design Layouts
  • Component and Assembly Design and Development
  • 3D Solid Modeling, Simulation
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM/DFA)
  • Board-Level Electrical Design (Hardware/Software/Firmware)
  • Comprehensive Material Analysis and Selection
  • Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Packaging
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Wide Range of Prototype Assembly Builds
  • Documentation and Revision Control

TOOLING AND PRODUCTION SETUP As an idea or product concept is formalized, Front Deck Marketing quickly develops the functional components of your creation for production launch. Our thorough review of the product assembly will accurately and efficiently drive the design to production. Our Tooling and Production Setup services include:

  • Tool Planning and Scheduling
  • Plastic Injection, Low-High Pressure Foam, Blow Mold, Compression Mold and Extrusion Dies
  • Metal Casting, Stamping, Forming and Extrusion Dies
  • Comprehensive Material Selection
  • Prototype, Bridge, Pilot and High Volume Production Tools
  • Tool Design and Construction to World-Wide Tooling Standards
  • Export and Non-Export Tooling
  • Component & Assembly Verification, Evaluation and Validation
  • Documentation and Revision Control

PRODUCTION & MANUFACTURING INTEGRATION When a product is ready for production, Front Deck Marketing is well positioned to cost effectively make your product a reality. Using a vast source of global suppliers, Front Deck Marketing is positioned to supply and deliver the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. Our Production Integration services include:

  • Production Planning, Scheduling and Forecasting
  • Plastic Injection Molding, Foam Molding, Blow Molding, Compression Molding and Extruded Components
  • Metal Die Casting, Investment Casting, Extrusions, Stamping, Forming, Fabricating and CNC
  • Components, Sub-Assemblies, Secondary Applications and Turn-Key Solutions
  • Low-Volume Pilot-Production and High-Volume Mass Production Builds
  • Plastics, Metals, PCBA, Resins, Textile Apparel, Leather, Wood, and Paper Products
  • Assembly, Kitting, Test, Packaging, Warehousing and Order Fulfillment

Capital Services

Front Deck has access to many sources of Capital to bring your product to fruition. Business Plan Development, Private Placement Offerings and Arrangement of Financing Options are just a few of the financial services Front Deck has to offer.

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